You'll Want To Read Very, Very Carefully...

Do you qualify?  

  • 700+ scores
  • 4-5 OPEN Tradelines
  • 1 credit card with a limit over 7K really helps
  • No lates in the last 12 months (if you do let us know)
  • No max out accounts (if you do let us know in some cases we can work around it)
  • No CPN's
  • No Bankruptcy


  • There's NO UPFRONT fees
  • "REAL" Funded Times: As little as 48-72 Hours! "CASH IN HAND" (Banking)
  • Underwriter has 10+ years experience, and has done millions in unsecured lines of credit for my own investor clients over the last 24 months!
  • Your unsecured Funds can be used for Cars, Real-estate, Boats, Businesses, or anything else.


I am a highly seasoned financial researcher/analyst with over a decade of experience. I have seen just about everything there is too see in the financial/investing arena. I have tested 26+ of "so-called" best processors and bankers in the nation. I am hardly (if ever) impressed.

Unlike 99% of other processors and funding operations our funding package is NOT worthless credit cards.
These are real personal unsecured lines of credit/loans. You might read 100 ads today, and I'm here to tell you that this is the "ONE" that is time-tested and proven to DELIVER!! This is the 'needle in a haystack' you've been looking for!

Unsecured Funding: Keep reading below to see how you "REALLY" can obtain up to $200,000+ in Personal Lines of Credit/Loans in ONE week! Here's why this is even BETTER than a business line of credit.

But first...

Warning: NO ONE is performing. I REPEAT: No one else is performing - PERIOD! DON'T be fooled by ads with claims of having "a lot" of banks to get you unrealistic amount of unsecured money.

---> What they don't tell you is...<--- 

Anyone can submit you to a lot of banks. I get 5-20 applications a week from investor clients only to find them trashed with inquires from these SAME companies making insanely inflated funding claims. DON'T be a test dummy!

---> Please Read Carefully...<--- 

We are a master at obtaining personal unsecured credit up to $300,000 in blistering 7-9 day speeds. We are not a broker. We are the actual source. To date we have raised over $19 Million Dollars in personal unsecured credit for my own private clients in the tightest credit markets. Others make very high funding claims but do not perform.

---> Unlike most others we ACTUALLY do what we say... <---

To qualify for our program you will need: 700 scores, 4+ OPEN tradelines, no derogs in the last 12 months. Plus, we do not charge an upfront fee and even clean up all of your inquires! Even If your self employed (and can't show income) we've tested little-known "loopholes" to get banks to extend you up to $80,000+ in personal credit within one week!

---> Virtually NO ONE is doing this! <--- 

To REALLY obtain these types of funding amounts in these speeds you have to be "hands on" with the underwriters, and established special connected 'inside' banking relationships. Most companies will never do this as it extremely tedious.  If we can't get the funding it simply cannot be done - period.
If your unsecured funding targets are over $200,000 - $300,000+ we can even legally "block" your tradelines and go back for more and more funding! This makes it far better than even a business line of credit!

---> That's Right... You can Finally Put ALL your Worries and Fears to REST! <--- 


I know you must be thinking that "this is too good to be true"... and you are right, it is!  But only if you don't qualify for the program.  This is a real program and we really can deliver on our promises.  You just have too be honest with us, as we are honest with you.  We can't help you if you leave out part of the whole truth.  However, we can fix many problems you might think are stopping you.  Just "keep it real", and let us try!

Since someone will be calling you, be sure to tell us which number is best to contact you at.  And also tell us the best time of day, etc... Remember, there is NO money out of your pocket on these deals.  Nothing!  Nada! Zero!

We won't be calling you to try and sell you on some B.S. hidden fees.  That's NOT happening... We are straight up with you on everything we said on this page.  But, you have too be straight with us... that's all we ask.

We look forward to helping you get that loan you need to start that business of your dreams, or whatever you decide to do with it...


"The Money Maker Team"



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